Unique Appliance


NOBORI CUBE is a networking appliance, enables the medical institution to access all NOBORI services.
Unlike traditional PACS systems, a hospital does not install a large number of servers and related storage devices.
The NOBORI-CUBE directly connects with modalities, such as CTs and MRIs, in the hospital network and uploads images to the cloud data center.
The NOBORI-CUBE is small and robust, uses 100% solid state discs.
By utilizing multiple NOBORI-CUBE units, NOBORI can effectively serve any size of hospital.

High Speed Image Access

Smart Retrieve

Smart Retrieve, a unique NOBORI feature, eliminates concerns about the access speed to data stored in the NOBORI Cloud.
Smart Retrieve leverages the hospital environment to know which images need to be viewed and then pre-fetches these images into local NOBORI-CUBE.
Consequently, NOBORI guarantees the same access speed that you would have with traditional in-house servers.

Security & Redundancy

Compliant to Government Guidelines

All data stored in NOBORI-CUBE is encrypted and separated into pieces by a gsecret-sharing schemeh. As a result, the data stored in the NOBORI Cloud has no functional use to anyone without access to these security algorithms. The keys to reconstruct the data back to its original format are stored securely and separately in data centers.
Consequently, data security is guaranteed at the highest level.
All the data is replicated and stored in two data centers. Consequently, NOBORI retains four copies of the data spread over two separate data centers.
NOBORI guarantees full redundancy, high availability, and fault-tolerance for disaster recovery / business continuity.

Cost Savings

No Cap-Ex,
No Maintenance Fees

NOBORI uses the SaaS model wherein users pay only a monthly fee which includes agreed upon storage capacity.
Hospitals and medical institutions no longer need to make large capital investments and pay expensive maintenance fees. They can limit IT personnel expansion and have automated, worry-free disaster recovery.
In case data unpredictably increases, an organization can flexibly and cost-effectively increase the storage capacity by updating their contract.
Unlike traditional PACS, an organization no longer needs to constantly make capital investments in additional disc storage nor hardware replacements.


Remote Maintenance, Automated Software Updates

A NOBORI service center monitors the NOBORI-CUBE and can fix most failures remotely over the Internet. Hospitals no longer need to hire technical staffs for system support and maintenance.
When a new software is released, it is automatically delivered to and installed on the NOBORI-CUBE. This enables organizations to always work with the most updated software release.


Medical Collaborations, Customized Databases

The uploaded medical data in the NOBORI Cloud can be shared with group hospitals, specialty institutions, or other authorized facilities. It also can be shared with radiologists at remote locations whereby images can be diagnosed remotely.
NOBORI enables organizations to build customized Databases of related medical cases on the NOBORI Cloud. Taking advantage of gdata anonymityh in the NOBORI Cloud, these databases can be easily shared for research and training.