NOBORI PAL is an optional service platform deployed on NOBORI platform. NOBORI users can subscribe additional services from NOBORI PAL by paying additional monthly fees without making capital investments on hardware / software. Users can select from various services provided not only by Techmatrix but also by our partners (=PAL).


NOBORI PAL as an “Eco-System”

NOBORI PAL is a secured workspace for NOBORI partners (=PAL) which resides in NOBORI cloud. NOBORI partners can utilize NOBORI platform to promote their valued software as a service to NOBORI users.

NOBORI PAL 6 Features

NOBORI PAL takes advantage of all the benefits from cloud based technologies.

Services you need, at the time you need
Just by choosing on the NOBORI PAL Portal, users can subscribe additional services at the timing you want. Digital catalogues of available services are posted on NOBORI PAL Portal. NOBORI PAL brings quick and flexible options to fulfill healthcare providers’ needs.
Secure Platform
Servers and security / authentification / billing mechanisms are centralized in the cloud space. All services from NOBORI PAL are provided on NOBORI secure platform. Just as NOBORI, security is guaranteed in the same manner.
No Cap-Ex, Reasonable Monthly Fee
Users do not need to make capital investments on servers / software, do not spend time and money for implementation / maintenance. Users just pay flat or pay-as-you-use monthly fees.
Since servers and authentification / billing mechanisms are centralized in the cloud, users can alwasy work with most updated software release. Consequently service providers could minimize the cost to update software at users’ site.
Scalability beyond Radiology
Taking advantage of the benefits from cloud based services, NOBORI PAL can provide services not only for radiology department, also for other departments including IT. Also can be scaled to appointment system, tele-medicine, medical collaborations with group institutions and regional collaborations.
Eco-System for Users & Providers
NOBORI PAL is the plotform to connect users and providers (=PAL). We, TechMatrix do not charge any commissions except for the cost of given cloud resources. Our goal is to create eco-system which can bring benefits both to users and providers.

Types of Services

Diagnostic Assistance

Medical Collaboration /

Mobile Solution

Clinical Database /
Educational Support

Images from other departments /
Informative Collaboration

Outsourcing (Human Resources)

Administrative Assistance